Workshop - Perspective in Cityscape Sketches
  • Workshop - Perspective in Cityscape Sketches

    The rules and laws of constructing perspective are very important. And when working on any large urban landscape or space building project, a huge amount of time is devoted to working on perspective. But what about sketches? When creating a sketch, we cannot spend a lot of time measuring angles or looking for vanishing points. However, any sketch with the wrong perspective or errors will always look bad. How to solve this problem? Are there any tips and tricks that allow you to follow the rules of perspective while avoiding complex construction?

    Of course. This is what we will do in our workshop.

    We will need:

    • Sketching Paper
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Marker

    Duration: 3 hours


    You will have the opportunity not only to make your own sketch, but also to share it with everyone and receive feedback and criticism from the teacher.


    The workshop is conducted via ZOOM

    The number of participants is limited!


    The workshop will take place Saturday, October 22, at
    10 AM EDT (New York),
    9 AM CDT (Mexico City, Houston),
    7 AM PDT (Los Angeles),
    3 PM BST (London),
    4 PM CEST (Paris),
    5 PM EEST (Athens),
    5 PM MSK (Moscow),
    7:30 PM IST (New Delhi),
    10 PM AWST (Perth).