People on the Street - Workshop Recording

People on the Street - Workshop Recording

No cityscape sketch will ever look lively and convincing if the streets remain empty. How to create a figure or a group of people in just a few strokes of watercolor? What is the human figure made of? What should be paid attention to in order for the characters to look alive and convincing? How to correctly arrange figures in space so as not to lose a sense of scale and perspective?

In this workshop, we will find answers to these questions, even without any study of anatomy - after all, the secret is very simple... if, of course, you know it...

The recording was made on June 11, 2022.
Some parts were cut down from the original recording:
• Pauses while participants worked on their sketches
• Discussion of the works of the participants of the workshop
The total duration of the workshop was 3 hours 20 minutes.


• HB pencil and eraser
• Basic set of watercolor paint
• Calligraphy brush or any watercolor travel brush
• A few pieces of Cold Pressed 100% cotton paper

  • Duration:

    2 hours 6 minutes

  • Language: