Workshops are held regularly every two months with a limited number of participants.


Canada Michael Solovyev Sunset in Lachine.jpg

Landscape in Watercolor Sketches
- ZOOM Workshop 
December 17

When we plan a sketch of a cityscape, we have something to cling to: silhouettes of houses, street lines, lampposts... But what to do with an ordinary landscape? How to make a sketch interesting? How to figure out color mixtures in order to get a complex and interesting green? How to convey depth in simple ways?


There are many such questions.
We will try to answer with them in our workshop.

The duration of the workshop is 3 hours.

The number of participants is limited.

The workshop will take place Saturday, December 17, at 10 AM EST (New York),

9 AM CST (Mexico City, Houston), 7 AM PST (Los Angeles), 3 PM GMT (London),

4 PM CET (Paris), 5 PM EET (Athens), 6 PM MSK (Moscow),

8:30 PM IST (New Delhi), 11 PM AWST (Perth).